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City of San Diego

Investigating how users report city-related issues online and proposing new methods of efficiency and accessibility.

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So we've fi-nally got your attention...

Since our conception last March, we've aimed to deliver one key value to you and fellow students: experiential learning from industry-level projects.

Joining Fi is more than just some commitment to a student organization. The agency lives on three pillars of sprouting student value:

πŸšͺ 1, Opportunity. We give you flexibility with the projects you undertake, in order to steer away from class-project mentality and think in an innovative mindset.

πŸ“ˆ 2, Growth. We provide you with connections, resources, and mentoring to make sure you are on top of every step you take in a project.

πŸ† 3, Excellence. We know you won't be a student forever. When you're ready to exit, we review your case work to make sure you'll be ready for your next big break.

How do I apply?

Normally we will post projects on this page that you would apply to. If you're interested in getting involved elsewhere, get in touch with us.

Please email with the following information:

πŸ‘€ Name + email
✍️ Subject: [Fi] Team Application
πŸ“… Weekly availability
πŸ“– Anything you'd like to show or tell us (resumΓ©, portfolio, LinkedIn, class project, "why you want to be a part of Fi", etc.)
πŸ’­ A few sentences to answer the following question:Β "What ideas do you have to empower student experiences in learning design?"

You'll receive an email back from one of our leadership members with feedback and more information on next steps.

We're excited to embark with you on a journey of learning and growth.

Follow us on Instagram @fi.ucsd to stay up to date with us.